The Pleasure Communication


Touching, kissing, caressing, sensual experience, sex are all a communication.


What are you saying in this communication?

Is it a conversation, a dialogue, a monologue?

How do you listen during this communication?

How conscious is the conversation?

How present are you during the conversation?

Is the communication one of frustration or anger, does it express your lack of fulfillment?

Does it come from the heart?

Is it open, creative and expansive?

Does it take you down new paths, open possibilities?

Is it repetitive, saying the same thing over and over?

Where inside of you are you talking from?



Your touch, your kiss, your caress are an expression of your intention.

Your body, your sex, your genitals, your fluids, your breath are an expression of your essence.

That’s what I’m giving you, receiving from you, sharing with you.


Are we being authentic in our communication?

Is it an expression of intimacy?

Is my soul, my light, my fire, my depth in my touch?

And am I open to hear what your body is telling me?



Making love, there are so many ways.

Love, in all its expressions, is a communication, with ourselves, with another, with life itself.