The Pleasure Connection


Over time I’ve worked with so many people, men and women, who have disconnected themselves, or been disconnected, from their pleasure, from their bodies, from their sexuality and sensuality. When it comes time to make a different choice a beautiful journey begins. It’s not always an easy journey, but it has great possibilities for all aspects of life.

This piece came out of a session with a woman on such a journey.




For so long you’ve been disconnected from your pleasure, from your body, from your heart.

When it starts to awaken, when you make a choice to reconnect, when you begin the journey back to yourself, you realise something. You’re living with a stranger.

There’s a stranger in your house.

You don’t know what to do with it, how to be with it. You don’t know what it wants, what it wants from you, what you want from it. You don’t know how to talk to it, sometimes you don’t even know what language it speaks. You don’t know how to be at ease with it, how to relax in its presence.

Allow it to be there.

Sit with it, feel it, let it feel you.

Where do you feel it, does it have a shape, a sound, a color, depth?

How does it feel to be there?

Can you take time to breathe, to allow it to come to rest within you?

Can you greet it?

Can you talk to it, can you listen to it?

Can you be patient with yourself to allow the conversation, the connection to develop?

Can you, in time, allow it, your pleasure, to tell you their story?

Can you, in time, allow your pleasure to tell you of their desires, their wants?

Can you acknowledge that this is a part of you, vital, throbbing, creative, wild, gentle, driven, demanding, alive, singing, dancing, yelling, craving for expression in all its beautiful, exciting, challenging, scary, mysterious ways?

Can you love yourself so that this, your pleasure being, may be in the fabric of your being?

In your eyes, on your lips, on your skin, in your touch, in your heart?

Can you give yourself this gift?

And can you know that this, your pleasure being, is far from simply having sex, having orgasms?

There is much more, so much more…