The Power of a Woman





I’ve been teaching, exploring and experiencing in the wonderful and limitless worlds of sensuality and sexuality for over 25 years.

In this time there is something I’ve seen so often, and at the moment more so.

So many women have such a powerful, deep, strong, wild, fiery sexuality.

So many women have had glimpses, seen and experienced this in some way and have suppressed it, hidden it, repressed it and not allowed it expression.

There’s fear, there’s guilt, there’s shame and embarrassment.

There’s a society that judges and suppresses female sexuality and it’s power.

There’s a society that fears female sexuality and it’s power.

There’s a society that fears Yoni, it’s beauty, mystery and power.

Beyond the society is us, men and women living life.

The patterning and conditioning of this society runs deep within us. And so much of what we do comes from these patterns, and the beliefs, subconscious, that we have.

Part of this pattern, and a big part of what keeps us in the pattern, is education.

We get very little, if any, education for pleasure.

The education we get for sex is mostly fear-based. How not to get pregnant, how not to get someone else pregnant, how not to get STI’s, HIV.

Not much about pleasure.

We get a little biology

Not much about pleasure.

Not much about the possibilities of pleasure, not much about the freedom that pleasure brings, not much about the power of pleasure, and not much about the power of women and female sexuality. Not much about the range of desire women have. Not much about how strong the fire to experience is. Not much about how much pleasure women can experience. Not much about how wild and free the spirit of sexuality is in women. Not much about how sacred sexuality is for women.

As well as this lack of, and very limited, education, a big part of the model of sex we have is based on porn, and for want of a better expression, ‘Hollywood’. By this I mean the media, movies and so much of social media. It’s about illusion, expectation and repression, suppression, ignorance, and fear.

There’s a big social picture in this that runs deep.

And there’s a personal element, that’s about every one of us.

Over time I’ve seen that when a woman can surrender to her sexuality, the awakening can happen.

Here’s what a woman on a journey of sexual consciousness shared, ‘ I speak for many women when I say that I desire to reclaim my divine feminine, which requires complete surrender and receptivity. But it’s not possible unless I feel completely safe with the divine masculine of my partner.’

We’re entwined in this, men and women.

When a man does his work, when he heals his wounds, when he learns, explores, grows. When he understands who he is as a man. When he has no fear of his strength and power. When he is not aggressive and angry. When he knows his heart. When he knows his Lingam. When he doesn’t fear women. When he doesn’t feel overwhelmed by a woman’s desire and sexual power. When he opens his heart. When he knows stillness. When he worships Yoni. When shares his tears, his fears. When he can roar his voice clearly in the world. When he can hold the space for a woman, for her fire. When he’s willing to go into the dark, into the unknown.

When he’s willing to see the Divine he is.

He can see the Divine within the power of female sexuality, in all its expression, the gentle, the tender, the fire and the wild, the free.

That safety gives a woman the space to Live, to Love, to Pleasure, in so many ways.

With freedom, with joy, with the celebration of Sacred Life.

There’s transformation in this, for all of us, men and women, for our families for what we show our children, for the world.

We, each one of us, every man and woman can do this. For ourselves, for each other.

There’s so much more to our sexuality, in so many ways. It offers us so many gifts, so many possibilities.