The Power of Pleasure


My lover is a woman of incredible sexual energy and power.

Every day I learn more about pleasing her, about what it is to be a man with a conscious woman.

It takes me beyond myself to new places within myself.

I’ve learnt how presence creates the space, presence of the heart, presence of the body, presence of energy.

I’ve learnt how ego has no place in the depths of pleasure.

I’ve learnt that vulnerability opens everything.

She’ll surrender to her pleasure if I can surrender to myself.

Her power, her energy, her mouth, her yoni, they allow me to become a vessel of love, of pleasure.

In giving to her I give to myself. As she grows, so do I, as she expands so do i.

And I made a choice, every insecurity I have, every jealousy, every frustration, all are gifts for me to heal, all are opportunities to love more.

And I’ve learnt, in the depths of pleasure, to stay with her, for everything in my body, my muscles, my breath, my nerves, my heart, to stay with her, to hold the space for her. And the deeper we go the higher her fire burns. It consumes us, takes us beyond our bodies. And I’ve learnt to stay there, to reach into myself and find more of me than ever. And to give that to her. And she goes deeper and gives that to me. And our hearts open. And our bodies become portals. And our breath, our cries, our liquid, our sweat, our kiss, all become one. And my heart opens more. And my sex swells and literally drinks her into me. I feel her open and open and open, it’s endless, her yoni, there’s space and I fill it and fill it. And we know that we’re so much more than we perceive this body to be. And we’re trembling with energy. And the release collapses us out of this world for a moment. And slowly we return.

And we’re changed, each time.

And this energy we take into our lives.

Pleasure transforms us.

And love makes us