The Sexual Energy of Contemplation



Our sexual energy can be used in so many ways.


There is a delicious concept called Contemplation. It’s to look at something, to ponder on it, to be with it, to observe it. And it goes deeper than that. In a space of Contemplation something moves through us, over us, around us. It’s a gentle meditation, as we contemplate, the mind travels, it goes places that allow us to access something more, creativity, intuition, a deeper understanding, a different perspective, another way of seeing something.

Contemplation is quiet, it’s inside of ourselves. It’s a journey of Conscious Distraction from our thought patterns.

There’s no fixed point in the space of Contemplation, it’s energy gently moving through us, moving us, ripples of awareness that come to the surface in time.

And we return from the journey relaxed, refreshed, tender, intimate with ourselves, and with our lovers.


There’s a beautiful way to use sexual energy for the experience of Contemplation.


Create a space for pleasure.

Greet your partner in a sacred moment, connecting your heart to theirs.

Begin to make love, slowly, gently.

Breathe to stay present.

Feel the energy build.

Stop moving, be still, breathe.

Allow the energy to spread through your body.

Once again build the energy.

It’s not edging, not too close to orgasm.

It’s a soft practice, stay in the slowness, stay in the gentleness.

When you feel that your sexual energy is flowing, lie next to each other. You could be touching hands or any other point on your body, or just next to each other.


Be aware of your body, the sensations, the emotions.

Don’t hold onto a point or a feeling.

Drift in Contemplation.

Drift in intimacy with yourself, connection with your self.

Allow the awareness to be there, it’s a soft focus.

Your inner gaze will take you deeper and deeper.

Drift with the energy moving through your body, your being.

Slowly return to awareness.