The Shimmer of Pleasure


I first saw this years ago, purely as something physical.

Over time my energy vision has opened. I always felt energy, could read it, connect deeply with it. Recently I started seeing energy on the bodies I was working with.

And for the first time I saw the Shimmering Energy of Pleasure.


It awakens slowly during Sexual Energy Massage experiences.

Intention, connection and relaxation are vital.

The intention of the giver and receiver open the heart. Energy begins to flow. From the heart, connection is present, connection creates presence, intention intensifies it.

Relaxation allows the body to open, to surrender. It allows the energy channels to open and flow.

Every breath, every touch, every stroke builds the energy.

The fire of arousal is a warmth, a tingling, then a spark, that is nurtured into a flame.

This is where The Shimmering begins.

You see it first on the lower back, the hips, the he bum.

It looks as if the skin and muscles beneath it are vibrating. Then it expands, out from the body and deeper inwards. The colours are vibrant, prismatic, gold, silver, quivering, dancing as the pleasure builds.

As the body opens more, as the pleasure grows, the energy expands further up the body, down the legs. It takes time in the world of pleasure to be able to hold higher states for longer, to go deeper into the intensity. It takes training, healing, release for these energies to deepen. It takes presence, being in your body, being with the feelings and sensations. Again, it takes time to be able to hold that space, for yourself and for another, within yourself and communicate that through your touch.

Every sensation is heightened. Every emotion is deepened.

Intensity is the word.

The communication between hands and body is of the heart, of the soul. It speaks in a language that has no words, even after the experience the words are incomplete.

Waves of pleasure energy move through the body.

An orgasmic state of being. It expands you in every direction there is, you go so high beyond your body, and so deep inside at the same time. You’re absolutely present and dissolved in the same moment.

It’s The Shimmering.

And it can go on and on and on…


Slowly you return to your body as you know it.

And you know that something inside has changed.

You can feel the energy for hours, sometimes days afterwards.

It heals, it releases, it teaches, it guides.

It’s part of the Sacred Purpose of Sexuality.

And we can all experience it.