The Slow Magic




There is magic in slow.

There is such power in slow.


Slow brings us into presence.

All else drifts away naturally when we are present.

There is no struggle in slow, there is surrender, to this moment, to our body, to our breath, to sensation, to feeling.

In slow there is flow. The way we move becomes a natural expression of the quiet within.

This is the quiet of intimacy, of connection.

In slow we are aware, expanded.

In slow we feel, we go deeper, gently, easily.

Nothing is forced, we are aligned.

In slow there is softness, energy that moves within me, within you, that surrounds us, moves between us, cocoons us.

In slow there is no time, we drift into endlessness. Each breath, each touch, each movement goes on and on and we see the depth of who we are as we melt into space.


Let the slow begin with your breath.

Into your heart, out from your heart.


Let the slow move into your eyes as you look at your lover, eyes soft as your inner vision awakens.

Let your kiss be slow, the meeting of your lips a caress that’s barely there.

Let the dance of your mouths be slow, an exploration that sips you into me.

Let your touch be slow, so slow.

I feel your skin, your body with a stroke that just moves. Your curves, your valleys, your mountains, endless under my slowly moving hands.

Slowly I breathe you into me, your scent, your breath. I fill my lungs with you to the bottom of my breath.

Let your union be slow, so slow, even slower.

Let your body receive your lover as a flower opens to the morning sun.

Allow yourself to be drawn into this sacred flower, spreading her petals in exquisite sensation.

In the slow you breathe your expansion, filling her with your heat.

In the slow you dance deeper and deeper in the liquid mystery.

Each movement, each breath, fills your body.

In the slow you are open for the energy to move through you.

In the slow you go beyond the mind, beyond the body, into awareness.

In the slow we become one with each other, with life.


There is healing in the slow.

Deep healing, deep release as that we’ve held onto, that which has held onto us, dissolves.


There is intimacy in the slow.

Deep intimacy.

The slow brings us into presence.

Presence is an element of intimacy.


There is magic in the slow.

It takes time, it takes practice to be present.

It takes time for us to learn and feel and appreciate the subtle, and oh, how delicious the subtle is.

Millimeter by millimeter we open, micro-movements.

It takes time for us to find the place within us that can be without constant stimulation, that allows energy to move, to flow, to feel that flow, to observe it and be in it.

There is learning in the slow, teaching in the slow as it draws us deeper within and we listen to the inner voice, we learn to hear it speak without words.


There is magic in the slow.

In this dance of endless possibility.