The State Of Orgasmic Potential




The body is a field of possibility.

By being more in the body we can access that field.


Orgasmic energy is a field of possibility.

Be being more in that field we can be more in an orgasmic state.


An orgasmic state is different to an orgasm.

For so long this has been one of the core elements of my teaching.

Orgasms are fantastic, no question about that.

And there’s more.

We’ve made orgasm the criterion for a successful sexual experience.

There is so much pressure on this for both men and women.

For women who struggle to, and don’t have orgasms, and that you’ve been made to think there’s something wrong with you when it’s not happening.

And for men who have to make it happen.

And when you think about the field of pleasure, which as I say, is probably limitless, and we’ve decided, accepted, the perspective that there is but one way to say it was successful, we’ve closed our eyes to amazing possibilities.


So much in the fields of growth and healing is about states of consciousness.

And the more we can be in a state of consciousness, the more we can be present, the more we can heal, change, create, manifest and connect.


Orgasmic energy is a state of consciousness.

And the more we can be in an orgasmic state the more we can use the energy of that for healing, for growth, for change, for creativity, for connection and manifestation.


And deep erotic massage is one of the most beautiful ways we can access that state.

It’s about being in the body, being relaxed to let the energy flow.

It’s about building the energy, taking it high, filling the body with it.

It’s about allowing ourselves to become to be in an orgasmic state.

An orgasm, and I’m not for one moment saying you shouldn’t have orgasms, an orgasm happens, and it’s done.

For most of us an orgasm is contractive, that’s its nature.

Everything gets tight, muscles contract, your breathing gets quicker and quicker and you let go.

And that’s one of the keys, you let go.

But just for a moment, 20 seconds or so.

Being in that state is a deeper letting go.

It’s a relaxation that allows your body to let go and let go and let go, as a natural expression of being relaxed.

More in the more, you’re more present, because your body is present, it’s always present.

The more you’re in the body, the less you’re in the mind.

And then it’s about energy, frequency.

The energy of pleasure is light, it’s happy, getting to be ecstatic as it dances through you, with you, filling you, moving into every cell of your body.

The more this happens, the deeper we allow ourselves to go, the more we become filled with this energy, the less we have to do.

It’s about being.

Healing, growth, creation are about being. The doing comes as an extension, a natural expression of an inner state.

There’s no struggle, there’s no force.

There’s alignment and resonance.

And in time, for it takes time to go deep enough into these states for it to happen.


The first step in this journey is healing, releasing, the blockages, the limitations, the inhibitions, the beliefs that prevent us having orgasmic experiences.

Then there’s the practice, which is having the experiences, the massages that will take us into the erotic trance where we can access the field of orgasmic potential.


And in time, and with so much pleasure, we can live more as beings in a state of orgasmic possibility, and create orgasmic lives.