The Subtle Power of Stillness




There’s a thing with sex, as soon as we’re inside someone, or someone is inside us, to move.
It’s almost as if our pelvis has a life, a will of its own, as if we’re programmed to move.
It might not be easy, because for most of us, sex is about sensation. And the more sensation we have, the more we want.
Yes, it feels good. And when you learn to move in many different ways it feels amazing.
It takes consciousness, connection with your body, presence.
Be still.
Look at each other.
Look into each other.
Pour your self into your lover.
Feel the points where your skin touches, inside, outside your body. Feel every point of contact.
Then feel where your eyes meet, touch.
Then feel where your hearts meet, touch.
Open, open more.
If you need to move to keep hard, keep wet, keep stimulated, move slowly. And when the energy is back.
In stillness of the body is stillness of the mind.
In movement of the body is movement of the mind.
In stillness our hearts talk in a language beyond words.
In stillness our souls dance.
In stillness something awakens within us.
In stillness the body, the place we are joined, the places we touch, become portals. They open us to union, boundaries disappear.
Open more.
Love flows.
Love makes you.
Movement is doing.
The rush to orgasm.
Stillness is being.
They flow from within, subtle, you’ll only hear them, feel them, in the quiet of stillness.
Stronger in time.
Be patient.
Love makes you.
Sacred pleasure.
The Practice of Stillness
Begin with a Heart Salutation
Sit opposite each other
Look into each other’s eyes
Bring your hands to your Heart Centre
In Prayer
Reach hands to touch
Lean forward so your forehead touches your Lover’s
Feel the connection
A good lubricant is important for this practice.
Choose a position you can be comfortable in for at least 20 minutes.
It might take time to build up to this.
It’s a meditation, and as with all meditation practices, be patient. Allow it to develop, to deepen. Allow yourselves to feel into it, to meet each other in stillness.
Don’t fall into the trap of judgment, the trap of performance.
This is a practice of subtlety, and when we’re so conditioned and patterned to movement and sensation it takes time to experience.
It’s an experience that doesn’t need a lot of foreplay.
Remember it’s the energy, the stillness.
Enter your partner.
Take time to settle, find the comfort.
Find the stillness.
In the stillness, in time, you’ll feel a pulsation, the pulsation of life.