The Tears of Orgasm


I’d like to share three stories with you.
Neither of these are isolated, in fact they’re pretty common.

As part of journey exploring their sexuality a couple had an Expanded Orgasm lesson. Full of excitement they went home to practice what they’d learned. They come back in a week or so very confused. He was giving her the gift of pleasure, it was an enormous experience for her, deep waves of pleasure moving through her body. Then came the confusing part. She started crying, sobs that came from nowhere, not connected to anything. To say he was confused is an understatement. How did she go from such pleasure to tears in a moment? What had he done, especially when she couldn’t tell him what she was crying about?

The second story also involves a woman, or women, as this happens a lot.
A woman comes for a Yoni massage, or it’s an experience that’s part of a healing journey. She experiences amazing pleasure, has an incredible orgasm, and lies on the futon crying, sobbing.

The third story is about a man, or men, as, once again, this happens often. In fact, so often with men.
He comes for a massage experience, or has a pleasure experience as part of a healing journey, and lies there, sobbing, gut-wrenching, quivering, shaking sobs.

They all think something’s wrong.
When nothing could be further from the truth.

When you are held with such love.
When you are honoured.
When your body is touched from the heart.
When you are filled with tenderness.
When pleasure overflows.
When your energy is open.
When there is a moment of deep safety.
When there is a moment of connection.
You release.
You let go.

And that is a moment of such beauty, such power, such humanness, such vulnerability.

The power of sexual energy, of pleasure, of orgasm is enormous.
And we can use it in so many ways. We can consciously direct sexual energy, transform and transmute it.
And we can allow the energy to take us, to sweep us away in a wave of sheer intense human beingness.
The power of pleasure opens us to being in the moment, to authenticity of expression that sweeps aside the masks we cover our real face with.

Often we see orgasm bring tears.
These are sacred tears, honest tears.
Tears released by pleasure well from deep inside of us. They take us deep into ourselves. And as we allow them to flow they heal us, they cleanse us, they free us.

Sometimes the tears are of pain.
A body filled with pleasure, a body open and vulnerable, a body filled with emotion just let’s go.
The orgasm is intense, so intense it unlocks doors we’ve long kept closed, tightly shut to keep the pain and anguish from the past hidden away.

Sometimes the tears are of love.
A body filled with pleasure, with love, with the shimmering frequency of vitality, filled to overflowing.
The orgasm opens the energy channels, they expand, we expand, and our outpouring is the energy in motion.

Sometimes the tears are of gratitude.
A body filled with pleasure, every aspect of this being touched, caressed, honoured.
The orgasm flows through you, around you, surrounds you and your tears give thanks.

Sometimes the tears are of transcendence.
A body filled with pleasure expands, dissolves it’s connection to the world, for a moment becomes spirit, essence.
The orgasm takes you beyond and your tears are of the knowing a moment of truth.

Sometimes the tears are of release.
A body filled with pleasure, the frequency is light, lighter.
The orgasm allows you to let go of that which holds you, that which you hold.
And your tears are the tears of freedom.

In the healing space you are wrapped in possibility.
The only connection is in the moment, the only attachment is to now, to experience, to allow yourself.
In this space, your tears, wherever they come from, are tears of beauty.