These Are My Hands



These are my hands.


Everyone has gifts and talents, one of mine is touch.

These are my hands, and they are missing touching.


So much of my work, and my teaching is with touch.

I have been exploring, learning, teaching, giving, receiving, sharing touch for over 30 years.

In this time I have developed a deep and wonder-full appreciation of the body, that continues to grow.

Appreciation for your skin, for the texture, for the shape, for the energy, for your muscles, your bones, your joints, for the curves, the valleys, the planes, for what’s beneath your skin, for what you feel, inside and out.


I have learnt how touch is a language that goes beyond words.

It’s a deep communication, a conversation that happens on so many levels.

It’s a conversation from skin to skin, heart to heart, energy to energy.

It’s healing, it’s calming, it’s soothing, it’s relaxing, it’s tender, it’s arousing, it’s exciting, it’s opening, it’s reassuring, it’s mystical, it’s sacred, it’s hot, it’s gentle, it’s sensual, it’s slow, it’s fast…

It has no limits.

It is an endless journey of exploration, learning, discovering.

And the more we experience, the more we understand, the more we will be able to experience and understand.

It’s about the moment, the beautiful present moment.

It’s about being present, being aware, being conscious.

It’s about pleasure, oh such deep pleasure.

It’s about being a way to experience an Expanded state of consciousness.

It’s a meditation.


And these hands of mine long to touch.

Something happens in this touch.

And the words we try and explain it with get in the way of the experience.

Something happens in this connection between

our skins, between my hand and your body.

Something changes, something is released.

We know something more than we did before.

We feel something different, we feel differently.

Something comes to awareness.

And when we try and put words to it, that gets in the way of the experience.


There’s an intimacy in touch.

We open.

The more I open, the more you can open.

A digression, a realization that landed for me a little while ago, a realization as to why a healer teacher, facilitator, therapist, whatever word you want to use, why our personal journey is so important.

The deeper the teacher goes, has gone, is willing to go, is a factor in how deeply you can go, are willing to go.

More than anything else our journeys come from who we are, the presence we bring, the space we hold.

The deeper the intimacy I have with myself, the more intimate I am willing to feel, the more present I am, the more something happens.

The intimacy of the connection is what makes so much possible.

This is where it’s important to see that technique, protocols, a set way of doing things, can become robotic, limiting, inhibiting.

In connection there is a freedom of flow, of intuition, of inspiration, of creation. It only comes from presence, from connection.


We go deeper into touch and we see, we feel, we experience, we understand, that touch with presence, is an expression of love.

And touch in this way is a way of making love. Not the narrow limitation we put on that, not just the genital expression, rather the fullness of the possibility of those words, making love.

Being touched with love, not only in a sexual way, receiving that with openness, with possibility, is a making of love.


These hands of mine have felt the importance, the absolute need for touch.

These bodies of ours, this skin, this nervous system, this sensual being we are, this energy, this heart, all that we are, need, need, need to touch, to be touched.


Something inside of us breathes a sigh of completion when we’re touched, a fulfillment, a knowing. It gives us ourselves in physical form, there’s an outline of who we are.

And in the connection of touch we know ourselves, we know another.


These hands of mine long to share this with you.

To touch, to teach you to touch, to share this magical sense of being.

To awaken the limitless possibility…