This Divine Body




From the ends of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the top of your head.

Your Divine Body.


There is a lifetime in your body, a lifetime of sensation, a lifetime of feelings, a lifetime of emotions.

Two, an egg, a sperm, came together to make one, you.

In this, your divine body.

There is no other like you, unique beauty in this skin.

Your skin holds you perfectly, surrounds you, gives you a home.


To make love with you, to make love to you, is to make love to all of you.

All of you, all of your divine body.


To lie next to you and look at you, look at all of you.

The curves of your toes, the rounds of your ears, the stretch of your neck. Every crease, every fold, every rise.

There is a lifetime of you to look at.

To lie next to you and to smell you. To inhale you, the scent of you, of every part of you, into my lungs. To breathe you so deeply into me. To know the smell of where your neck meets your shoulder, the smell of your sweat in the small of your back after sex.

To lie next to you and to listen to you. To listen to your voice, your words so that I know your subtle tone, know the sound of your breath.

To lie next to you and to touch you, oh to touch you, to touch you. To feel the heat, the texture, the soft, the firm, the everything of you. To trace your body with my hands, to hold you, feel the blood moving within you, feel the beat of your heart as I lay against your breasts. To feel your lips, to feel your breath on my cheek, to feel you.

To lie next to you and to taste you, to taste your skin, your mouth. To savour the summer and the winter, the fruit of your body.

To make love with all of you.


To make love with you in this way is to worship you, to see the divine, to feel the divine, to taste the divine in you.

To make love with your divine body.

To make love in this way is sacred.

It is more than our genitals, yes it includes our delicious, mysterious, beautiful genitals. The way they look, the way they smell, the way they taste, the way they draw us, enchant us.

All of our body, all of our sacred body, is wonder-full.

To explore your body in this way is to explore the divine.


This is the knowing of intimacy, the experience of intimacy.

This Divine Body.