This Place, Beyond



When my lingam is connected to my heart, when my heart is open and the energy flows from my heart through my body to the head.

When my lover’s yoni is connected to her heart, when her heart is open and the energy flows through her body to a place deep inside of her.

This place inside of her is mystical.

It feels as if she opens in a way that has no boundaries.

It feels as if I expand to fill that space in a way that has no limits.

It feels as if, in that deep place, I drink her nectar in through my lingam. I feel it inside of me, I taste it in my body.

We move slowly in that place, so slowly.

It’s the slowness that takes us there.

The gentleness.

It’s taking time until we’re beyond time.

There’s an awareness in this place inside my lover. An awareness that our union is but a portal to higher worlds, deeper worlds as we expand in all ways.

There are no words in this place, and in time, there are no thoughts.

Even our bodies seem to melt into the air around us.

Energy, we become an energy, a frequency in the cosmos that began with love.

An energy that came from the devotion to go deep into ourselves, into each other, and then beyond.

Slowly we return to ourselves, to body, to mind, to touching skin, kissing mouths, beating hearts.

It’s a state of orgasm, a state where we touch bliss.

The veil lifts and we see, with an inner eye, who we are, who we can be.

And in time we’ll live more with this energy in life.

And in time we’ll know more of Love.


This experience is available to all of us.

It’s a path that begins with healing, then learning, then growing, then expanding, then exploring, then dedication.

It changes us, changes how we see ourselves, life, the world, love, sex, our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our energy.

It can’t really be described as our words limit our understanding.

It can but be experienced.