This Sensual Coffee of Presence




The afternoon winter sun, it’s delicious in Johannesburg.

Coffee and a few mouthfuls of something sweet. I have a weakness for pastry, and today it’s a mini almond croissant.

A digression, more coffee shops should have something small, a few mouthfuls to have with coffee, it’s something missing from awareness.

This is a sharing of sensual consciousness, sensual meditation, sensual awareness, how these few moments can bring us into such presence.

I can’t look at the sun directly, I look at its edges, and so often we get to see things by looking at the edges of them, slowly we can see more.

I close my eyes, bring my awareness to the skin of my face, feel the warmth there.


Breath is such a key element of awareness, presence, sensuality.

I bring the coffee to my face, inhale the aroma.


A sip, one sip.

Taste it in my mouth, bring my awareness to the temperature.

Swallow, slowly.

Feel the coffee as it goes down, exhale.


Listen to the birds, voices nearby.


Bring the pastry to my nose, inhale.

Take a first bite, feel the crunch of the outer layers, hear the crunch of the outer layers, taste.


Taste the almond paste, sweet, sticky.



A sip of coffee.

Awareness of the sun.

Hear myself swallow, exhale, a small sigh of pleasure.

Feel the cup in my hand, the warmth of the coffee inside.

Look at the sun as it dips lower in the sky, feel the cooling air as it goes behind the trees.

Each mouthful, each sip, different.

My mind wanders to my lovers, to taste, feel, smell, desire.

And I breathe myself back to the coffee, to the sun, to the sweetness, to the moment.

To all that’s in the moment, loneliness, intimacy, aloneness, connection, love, openness, sensation, sensuality.

Something I’ve been exploring, when we think something is lacking, look at what is there rather than what’s not.

Look at the texture, the weight, the space of what is there.

The pastry is finished, there are a few sips of coffee left, I smile.



We can do this with so many moments in life.

It’s within us, everything we need.

In sensuality we learn to listen to the inner vibration of it.

In sensuality we are.