This Sensual Moment of Oneness




On Saturday I was at The Oranjezicht Market in Cape Town.

There was a moment.

A moment of such deep sensuality that my heart swelled to having no edges that I could feel.

I was standing in one of the good areas.

Bob Dylan was coming over the sound system.

There was a carpet of voices.

There was the aroma of coffee.

There was the aroma of so many foods.

There were the colours of all the produce.

There were people, bodies.

There was the wind.

There was the sea.

I breathed it in and my heart expanded, expanded, expanded…

In a moment of sensuality. I was all those things, all those people, they were me.

Then the world came back, the boundaries of life settled back into place.

A few things…

These moments are everywhere.

They’re everywhere where we’re in our hearts, in our bodies.

They’re everywhere we’re present.

They’re everywhere we’re open to them.

They’re everywhere we’re open to savoring, feeling, being.

These are moments of spirit.

Sensuality, in all its expressions, and I’m going to digress for a moment.

We’ve given sensuality a very limited expression. We’ve connected it to sex, to the lead up to sex. When it comes to touch and massage as soon as hear Sensual Massage our minds go to the sexual place.

Sensuality, this magical body, and all it can feel and perceive, is how we experience life, ourselves, each other. Maybe even thought is sensual. Hmmm, I’ve never considered that before, need to contemplate and explore that.

Sensuality is a path to consciousness, to awareness, to presence.

Sensuality is a path of spirit.

Sensuality is a path of healing.

Sensuality is a path of learning, of growth.

Sensuality is a path to the subtle, and more and more I see the power of subtle.

Moments like that, sublime, mystical, are available to all of us.

In so many aspects of life.

Not only in ritual, not only with a lover, not only on a workshop or retreat.

They’re about living in a way that’s connected to our bodies, our hearts.

They require learning, practice, as any path does.

In all of what I experienced in that moment, and my words are really a shadow of the intensity of it, I was in love with life, I was the lover of life, life was my lover.

Part of the awareness of my heart at the moment is a loneliness. It’s a companion that comes with me into these places, into these moments, into these experiences.

It opens itself to love, acceptance, intimacy that brings me to tears.

These moments are for all of us, because it’s within us.

And this is the journey, to see, to know, to love, the oneness.

These moments are for all of us, and for all of us.

All of us in the sense of everyone of us, in this world of sensuality, physicality.

All of us in the sense of every part of ourselves.

They’re about allowing ourselves, choosing, to live as lovers, in every breath.

The more we do this, the more we will do it.

The greater our awareness of it becomes.

And more and more it becomes the way we are, the way we live.

That’s how we heal ourselves, heal our relationships, our lives, our world.

Living as lovers.

In infinite possibility.

This week in Cape Town I’m sharing a space, practices, a way to experience this. The workshop on Tues, Sensual Healing, Sensual Bliss, is a direct learning on the path of intimacy with your Sensual Body.

I’d love to share it with you.