Those F***-It Days


You know those days, they don’t happen very often, when you say Fuck It! And you say it. The unspeakables, the unmentionables. The things that create worlds, that shatter lives, that give birth to possibilities that only the soul knows. The things that lay our throbbing hearts bare in the naked light of revelation. The things that leave us vulnerable to the core of our being, terrified and brave beyond words in the same moment.
And then, with a breath, with whirling confusion and brilliant clarity we stand up to take the next steps.

These are the moments of ultimate paradox, the perfect expression of this human journey. In that moment we see everything we can, we know everything we can. And we know nothing. For after that we step into the unknown, we step off the edge into the darkness.
And there we are.
Exposed and so strong, so strong.
Broken and whole.

There’s courage in those moments, and sometimes there’s no choice, we cannot but say the words that arise within us.
There’s a growing realisation, a seed that’s planted, a feeling that spreads from a moment into a consuming passion, an idea that needs air, water, fire and fuel.
And maybe with more of these Fuck It moments we’d be happier, we’d be more fulfilled, we’d find the peace and connection we search for.
And maybe there are ways to live with these revelations beyond our current limitations and fearful, blinkered thinking.
Maybe our soul can guide us to create lives of meaning and promise. Lives of intensity and truth. Lives where Love becomes the guide, the mentor, the beacon in the scary night.
Lives where we ask the question in every moment, how do we create happiness now, where do we go to share, to talk, to connect, to live with an intimacy that’s tangible, that raises us up to be God and Goddess, Conscious Creators.