Time For Pleasure


I had some interesting realisations the other day during a particularly beautiful massage about time.

Before I share these I must say that the way we practice and teach massage, as do many others in related fields goes way beyond massage. It’s an experience and exploration of touch and connection that covers so many possibilities. It’s a whole world of its own. But that’s the word we have so that’s what we’ll use. With a Capital M.

The first of these realisations is that many people spend very little time in the pleasure space. Most of our sexual experiences are pretty short-lived. When we Make Time for Massage we’re making conscious time for pleasure. We’re making a statement that says if we’re in a relationship, the relationship is important. It matters. Our connection, our intimacy, our togetherness is important. We value each other. We understand and savour the power of touch, of sensuality and what it brings. The relaxation and release, the well-being, the healing and aliveness are present. We’re saying that our partner’s are important to us, and we to them. We’re saying this by our willingness to commit the time to each other. This becomes a physical expression of love.
We’re Making Time for Pleasure.

The next aspect of Time is the understanding that the way so many people look at pleasure is in the limited goal-oriented way we do. In pleasure terms the peak of this is the orgasm. And as wonderful as orgasms are, there is so much more. When we Make Time for Massage we’re extending the Time we Spend in Pleasure. We’re involving more of ourselves, body, heart, mind and spirit by allowing more of ourselves to be present. As we do this it opens the space for more of our partner’s to be present. There’s more to connect to, more to share, more to experience.
We’re Making Time for Pleasure.

Then we’re able to spend more Time in Pleasure.
Massaging in this way is a sure path to higher, longer and expanded states of pleasure. Over time our bodies become more open to these deeper experiences. We learn to build the energy in ourselves. We learn to move the energy to have experiences that involve more of our bodies, rather than just localised genital and pelvic experiences. We learn to build the fire of pleasure to greater and greater heights. And if we’re heading to orgasm, the intensity is so much greater. We’re able to stay in the Pleasure Time longer.
We’re Making Time for Pleasure.

This Time becomes increasingly important and valued. It becomes a time of healing and meditation, a time of revitalisation and growth. It becomes a time of inspiration, for as we get away from the constant conversation and engagement of the mind we get into the space of possibility. We begin to understand that the energy of pleasure is the energy of happiness. Going further into that we see how the energy of pleasure is the energy of Ecstasy.
Because we’re Making Time for Pleasure.