To Be Wanted


One of the most beautiful things in life is to be wanted, to be desired.

For your eyes that look into your lover’s soul.

For the beauty you see in them.

For the heart that opens more, more and more.

For the love that each day deepens.

For the forgiveness of all things human.

For the acceptance of all things dark.

For your mouth that kisses so tenderly and so hard, that bites in passion and tastes your lover’s flesh.

For your silence that holds space for your lover’s tears and hurt.

For your listening to their words, their dreams, their thoughts, fears and their fantasies.

For your hands. Hands that hold and touch and caress and pleasure and soothe. Hands that know your body, that learn your skin again and again.

For your receiving them, allowing them to show themselves to you, revealing more as each mask drops, as each layer falls away.

For your time, the gift of presence that allows them their anger and frustration, their disappointments and their struggles.

For your vulnerability, your willingness to reveal yourself, to share yourself, to show yourself.

For your pleasure, for your tenderness and lust and fire. Pleasure that opens you, that strips you bare to reveal your essence. Pleasure that melts you, one into the other.

For being, when you have nothing to give but yourself, your breath, your soul.

For the moments of intimacy when the world around you stops.

For the dance of life, the growth and expansion and exploration you bring to each other.

For seeing in your lover the sacred flame of life burning deep within them.

And for possibility, an open hand, an open heart as we walk our path.