To Worship My Lover




I write a lot, I teach a lot about worship.

Yoni Worship, Lingam worship.

Touch and massage as a form of worship.

Touch as a sacred expression.

Worship of your lover, in pleasure, in breath, in their eyes, in your words.


It is my desire to worship my lover, in so many ways.

To serve her, to give to her, in love, in pleasure, in possibility.


And when I think about what it means to worship your lover, and I think of what I’ve written, and teach, and the way I’ve done it.

It’s always been in the context of slow, of gentle, of soft, of quiet.

And I think about my lover, and I think about me, and I think about all of us.


There is fire in her, in me, in us.

In all of us.

There is desire in us.

There is darkness and shadow.

There is anger and rage.

There are parts of me that are erotically savage.


And to worship is about all of who we are.

It’s not only in the soft and the gentle, not only in the ‘spiritual’ touch.

Because the spiritual is all of who we are.


There’s a digression here.

It’s about a term that’s become overused and lost its meaning.


The way its been used in many spiritual and spiritual sexual circles, workshops and festivals has made it lose its power.

The Goddess is not all Light and Love, Cacao, Ayahuasca, Squirting.

The Goddess is fire and anger.

As much as she creates, she destroys.

As much as she is tender, she sees through to the truth of who we are, through the veils, the illusions.

She’s not interested in being liked.

She’s interested in truth.


And in worshipping a woman, it’s all of who she is.

In her love, in her anger.

In her power, her joy, her tears.

The altar of her body, her heart, is the water and the fire, the earth and the wind, the stars and space.

The power that brought this world into being, and the power of darkness.


Worship is holding the space for all of who we are, all of our sacred selves.


I see my Lover’s fire, and I kneel before it.

Then I stand in it with her.

And the touch, the kiss, the words, in the fire, are not gentle, they’re not soft, they’re not quiet.

They’re a roaring, growling, sweating heat.

They may not be ‘nice’.

And I’ll worship her fire, her rage.

I’ll drink her tears as sacred nectar, as much as her Amrita.


There’s only one way to do this.

To offer ourselves.

There’s no other way.

To offer ourselves with humility, with openness.

For worship is an offering, I offer myself to you you to me, that we experience ourselves, in, through, with each other.

In every way.


And as much as the gentle, the soft, the quiet, is worship.

As much as looking into your eyes and seeing the peace there is, so it’s looking into your eyes to see the fire.

As much as it’s the tender caress of your body, your Yoni, it’s also holding you in the fire of passion.

For worship is the space of possibility, of presence, of love.

And Love is all of who we are.



Erotic Inspiration is a delicious phrase, filled with such possibility.

In all aspects of life.


An Erotic Life is so much more than a sexual and genital expression of that energy.

But that’s what so many of us think about when we heat the term ‘erotic’.

For me, Erotic is an expression of the fullness of life. It’s the body, the mind, the heart.

It’s vitality and creativity.

It’s sensual, as in the experience of all of our senses.

It’s nature, and the world, the elements.

And it’s inner nature. An Erotic Nature is a state of being that looks at life in connection, in awareness and presence.


Erotic Inspiration.

Inspiration, breathing in.

Inspiration, feeling.

Inspiration, creating.

Erotic Inspiration, creating in the sensual fullness of life.

Erotic Inspiration, feeling into the fullness of life of the body, of sensation, of the heart.

Erotic Inspiration.

Living a life of spontaneous intimacy, dancing in the moment, dancing with what life offers, the joy and the tears.


Inspiration and gifts are in every moment.

Often in me there are moments of sadness, and in the sadness sometimes comes inspiration to write.


When we live with greater erotic awareness it touches every aspect of our lives.

Sexually, sensually, in work, in relationship.

Erotic is a perception, a state of mind, a state of body.

It’s a greater presence in the body, and in the body in life, in sensation, in feeling.

The awareness of the Erotic in every moment shifts so much within us, in healing, in learning, in growth.

There’s a fullness in the erotic that brings us to what is present rather than lacking.

Which is how we so often look at situations in our lives, what’s not there, what’s missing.

We also look at what’s wrong, rather than what’s possible.

The Erotic shifts us into what’s present, into everything that’s there.

The Erotic dances us into the space of possibility, the space within us, in our bodies and in our hearts.

That’s where our healing lies, that’s where our growth lies.


It’s within us, the Erotic.

Waiting for us to meet it, waiting for us to reach out.

This is where the inspiration is.

And a life of inspiration happens in so many ways.

We often look at that in creative terms, art or writing, music.

And it is that, and it’s all of life.

How we live.

Connecting with everything that’s sensual, that’s alive.

Pulsating, vibrating.



One of the ways inspiration expresses itself in my life is through touch.

And this week it led me to a new massage experience, connecting Heart, Nipples, Breasts, Clitoris.

An experience of energy and pleasure, of healing and release.

All coming together in one experience.


This is a continuous exploration for me, and teaching, sharing it with more people, expands the Erotic Possibility for all of us.


The more we connect with, feel, the Erotic within us.

The more we have experiences like the one I’ve shared, the more inspired we become.

And one expands into the other.

Inspiration expands in all of life.

Our dance expands in all of life.

Possibility expands in all of life.


I have always been able to be inspired by life, by the experiences, the people, what I see, what I hear, what I learn, what I feel.

And having someone in my life after so long inspires me more.

With gratitude to life, to love.