‘Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain’. C G Jung

My mind can speak only to your mind.
My thoughts can speak only to your thoughts.
My mind cannot speak to your heart, my mind cannot speak to your body, my mind cannot speak to your being.
For the language of your heart, the language of your body, the language of your feelings is touch.

Touch is love, touch is communication, touch is conversation, touch is healing, touch is comfort, touch is safety, touch is belonging, touch is connection, touch is warmth.

We don’t touch enough, we don’t get touched enough. Touch that relaxes, touch that soothes, touch that calms, touch that connects, touch that restores.

Conscious Touch, Heart Touch, Soul Touch, Present Touch.
Mystery Touch.
For touch, and its gifts are indeed a mystery.

When I began studying psychology, the impact on babies and adults who don’t get touched fascinated me, drew me to something so basic yet so powerful. That’s where my healing journey began. So much of our development and health are connected to touch, touching and being held. One aspect of optimum health is the need for 8 hugs each day. 8 embraces with a deep breath, a moment of melting.

For so many of us touch has been a source of pain and mis-use.
For so many of us touch is only connected to sex. Many of us use sex to get touched.

Most of our communication is not verbal, touch is a deep communication, it’s discovery and surprise, comfort, love and pleasure. It’s as vital as breathing to our health.
For this wondrous body, this vehicle of skin and nerve and muscle and bone and organ is alive with constant sensation, feeling, emotion. It needs touch, thrives on touch.
Without it we become cold, distant, removed, brittle, hard, lonely, alone, insensitive. In-sense-itive, we lose sense, we lose connection, connection to feeling, to compassion, to knowing. And our body reflects that, our emotions and relationships show that. We dry up, we wither away.

The healing of touch is mystery deep.
It releases hurts, physical and emotional.
It changes things on levels beyond our present understanding.
It connects us to ourselves, to our world, to something more.
Everything else in healing is an explanation, a realisation of touch.
Body chemistry changes, energy fields change, electrical fields change. We change.

The root of it?
The simplest explanation.
Conscious Touch is Love.
That’s all. The rest is a commentary.
Conscious Touch is Love.
I wrote that the giving is the receiving.
In this realm of touch this is just so true.
To give love in this way, I receive love.
I become love.
I have to smile remembering Latin verbs, I love, you love, he loves, she loves, we love, they love, present, past, future…
Not airy-fairy love.
Something real.
For a time of Conscious Touch, you feel acknowledged, connected, present, beautiful, relaxed. Loved.
Then you take those gifts into you day, into your life.
It’s tangible, real.