We Need Touch



We need to touch, and we need to be touched.

We need to hold, and we need to be held.

We need to pleasure, and we need to be pleasured.

These are needs.

Not wants or desires.


We need these things.

Our bodies need them, our nervous system needs them, our heart needs them.

On every level of our being, we need them.

In the same way that we need air, we need touch.

Every aspect of our health is connected to this, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual.

We have been drawn away from our bodies, out of our bodies.

Away from a wisdom, a knowing, an intuition, an inspiration, so profound, so powerful.

A knowing that knows how to be healthy, how to be fulfilled.

A knowing that connects us to the earth, to nature.

A knowing what our bodies need to be healed and vital.

A knowing what our minds need to be curious and peaceful.

A knowing what our heart needs to be open and living.

A knowing that knows the path to Mystery.

A knowing that knows how to feel, to move, to connect.

A knowing that is intimate with life.

This body, this beautiful, magnificent, wondrous body is the container of this.

And touch connects us with it, with ourselves.

Touch heals, in that it allows us to relax.

Being relaxed, so simple, yet vital, so simple we overlook it.

We cannot release, let go, of anything, any ailment, disease, did-ease, thoughts, worries, stresses, until we relax.

Relaxation is a place of safety.

When we’re safe, within ourselves, the body let’s go, we don’t have to do anything.

It knows.

When we connect with ourselves, we know.

When we touch from the heart, through the heart, to the heart, it’s as if magic happens, the way we feel.

It is a kind of magic, body magic.

When we’re touched with love, our chemistry changes. That’s magic. Touch changes our state of being, our state of feeling.

Touch regulates our nervous system.

When this is calm, we’re creative.

When this is caln, we’re inspired.

When this is calm, we make better decisions.

When this is calm, we listen.

When this is calm, we have access to inner resources that can create miracles.

The last months in the world have taken us deeper into isolation, into separation, into disconnect, into loneliness.

Away from our bodies.

This is worse on so many levels than this virus.

The impact on our inner world is huge.

We need touch.

We need holding.

We need pleasure.

To come back to life.

To come back to possibility.

To come back to ourselves.

To come back to each other.

This body, these hands, they know.

They know how.

Reach out.