What Do I want Sexually?


One of the main reasons I do what I do is that it allows me to express so many parts of myself in so many different ways.


It’s been a long journey to get to this place.

A long time ago I read a book called The Way To Love by Anthony DeMello. There was a piece in the book that impacted me deeply. It was about selfishness. We’ve been brought up with the idea that selfish is bad. We get something from everything we do, no matter how altruist or giving, no matter how manipulative we may be. We get something from it. The more aware of this we become the more aware we become of where we are, which part of us is being fed from what we’re doing.

I really started looking at why I did what I do, in many ways. Over time the answers have changed radically, as I’ve changed.


There were many other steps on the journey, but it really landed for me after The Lover’s Training, a Retreat facilitated by my friend Valentina Leo. I can’t recommend this enough.


I look at what’s happening in the world at the moment and I think about the learning from it.

A lot of that is to still to come, although something has come to awareness for me.


It’s about ‘I’.

A really strong, and emphasized ‘I’.


One of the things that I teach is a way of engaging with our minds through asking questions.

There is such power in this, and over time, using this in different ways, we can get to a part of the mind, a part of ourselves that is more creative, more inspired, more intuitive, more connected, more aware. We can allow something different to emerge.


This is a great framework, asking questions, as a way to explore this.


Really emphasize the I when you ask these of yourself.


What do I want?

What kind of world do I want to live in?

What kind of relationships do I want to have?

What kind of sex and pleasure do I want to have?

What’s important to Me to express?

What is that I want to share?

What do I want to learn, to explore?

Where do I make choices from, how many of these choices are MINE?

How much do I live from my heart?


This is such a great time for inner work, to look at ourselves, and our lives.

And to make choices, and to look at where we’re making choices from, where inside of us.


When we go deep, we come to love. Love.

And then the question becomes How much Love do I live with?

How much love do I share?


When I do for myself, live in a way that expresses myself, and the widest aspects of myself, I make that possible for you. Simply by living in that way.

By being more of that, becoming more of that.

That opens the possibility.

And the more I do it, the more I will do it, and the more there is, the more there will be.

For all of us.

And in this web of energy, this web of hearts, of touch, of love that connects us, the more we do it, the more it goes out into the world for everyone.

The more I express that, with those I share with, in every way, in my office, on workshops and retreats, online, in these words, the more there is.

And every person I touch, in any way, can touch another and another and another…

When I choose to live with more heart, from my heart, with more expression of MYSELF, there is more space for you to do that.


This is MY time, and it’s YOUR time.

OUR time.

For love.


And because I work so much with sensuality, with sexuality, with pleasure, with touch, which I miss enormously at the moment, that’s the way I offer it to you. That’s simply the doorway.

And I would love to share with you.

For me.


Bruce Lipton talks about us, our bodies, our beings, being a community of cells that make up who we are. Individual cells, each one reflecting the whole, each one containing the whole.

That’s me, that’s you, that’s us.

A community on this planet.

The more each cell vibrates with love, with bliss, the more the whole does.


That’s ME, that’s YOU, that’s US.

Lovers in expression in life.