Where Are We, In Love?



I thank you for all your comments, share and likes of my writing.

Writing is an important part of my self -expression, of my teaching, of my creativity.

It’s also a learning space for me, a space to explore ideas, see where they go as the words form.

These platforms are part of my expression, and I am grateful for them.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what is, what is happening in our world.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what’s true, what’s real.

Not a lot makes sense.


I do know this.

Our world is an expression of energy.

In this field of energy are limitless possibilities, limitless ways for life to express itself.

And limitless ways for us to be.

At the moment we’re focusing on one narrow stream in the field of all possibility.

We have choice in this.

We have choice how to be, how to feel, how to think, and we have choice where our energy goes, where our attention is.

The more our focus is on this narrow, contractive energy, the more of it there is, the stronger it becomes.

When we start expanding our energy, when we start looking at other possibilities, the less this energy has. The less energy it has, the less impact it has.

I’m not saying ignore it.

I’m not saying suppress it, repress, pretend it’s not there.

I am saying that the truth about it is unknown.

And if we open ourselves to other ways of being, and other ways of being with this, maybe we can do something different.

The prime energy attached to it is fear.

That’s the focus.

Fear of life, fear of death, fear of having no money, no food, no jobs, fear of isolation, fear of so many things.



The model I work with is that of expansion, of possibility.

Instead of trying to fight the fear, where the fear remains the focus, open another energy, expand, into gentless, into creativity, into love, into something else, open.

Instead of one plug and one socket, we can open more ports, more portals.

Even if we just do this within ourselves.

And the more of us that do it, the more there will be, and the more energy there will be, and the more possibility there will be.

In a space where we don’t know the truth, where everything is clouded by so much self-interest, let’s ask what’s in our self-interest.

It’s not easy.

It’s a choice we make.


I’ve been in quite a happy space, internally happy.

I’ve been creative, writing, the webinars, the meditations and guided journeys I’ve been sharing.

And I’ve had some really difficult times, I’ve felt the fear, I’ve felt the loneliness, I’ve had some days of being numb, disconnected.

I’ve had some nights of really nasty, dark energy.

I’ve felt it.

And I’ve been able to love it.

I am so grateful for what I have in this.

And I am so grateful for what I’ve been able to share.


When we expand our energy we expand the possibility.

One of the principles of Tantric learning is that we practice in whatever way we do that, for the highest practice for all.

I’m going to continue to share what I can, in the way that I can.

I am grateful for your response to what I share.

I am grateful that it’s had some impact and helped you, that helps me, inspires me.

Thank you.


The more in love we are, the more we love with love, from love, the more there will be.

For me love is not an abstract energy, it’s very real.

We can make more love, with ourselves, with life.

There’s less fear, less space for fear.

There’s just more possibilities open.


I don’t know if we should stay home or we shouldn’t.

I don’t know if herd-immunity is going to work or it’s not.

For now, we are where we are.

Let’s choose how to be here.

And let’s make as much love as we can.