Whose Orgasm Is It Anyway?


Whose Orgasm Is It Anyway?


Whose orgasm is it?

Who are you having orgasms for?

Is it because you’ve been told that that’s what you need to do?

Is it because you’re expected to?

Is it to make someone else feel good, worthy, complete?

Is it to allow someone else the expression of ego?

Is it because it’s a signifier of sexual freedom?

Is it so someone else can show their sexual prowess?

Is it because you’ve been convinced that without orgasm you’re not whole, complete?

Does someone need to give you an orgasm?

Why has orgasm become something I need to achieve rather than a natural expression of my energy and pleasure?

Do you own your orgasm, is it my choice to express this, have this?

Do I allow myself to let go into orgasm?

Is my orgasm just about release?

Is my orgasm an expression of my heart, my energy?

Can my orgasm be an exploration of myself, of my feelings, my emotions, my sensations?

Can my orgasm be a sacred experience?

Can I use my orgasm for something else, is it more than just contraction and tension and release?

Can I own myself enough to choose the pleasure I’d like to have?

Can I be courageous enough to withdraw my energy from the cultural pressure around orgasm?

Can I give myself permission to see that there might be more to orgasm than I was ever told?

Can I understand that there’s nothing wrong with me if I don’t orgasm?

Can I understand that orgasm is a choice, my choice?

Can I engage with compassion and gentleness what I might heal that blocks greater pleasure?

Can I see that being a sexual being of pleasure does not have to include orgasms?

Can I see that what I’ve been told orgasm is just one way, and that there may be more?

Can I take a breath and relax and explore and learn and grow and expand…