Why a Sex Coach?



This is the age of the Coach.
The Life Coach, The Spiritual Coach, The Exercise Coach, The Nutrition Coach, The Business Coach, The Cell Phone Coach, which I need often.
They inspire us, they motivate us, they guide us, they help us expand in many different areas of life.

And one of the most important aspects of life, that we have no training in, that occupies so much of our time, our energy, our thoughts, and that has huge impact on our health, happiness, wellbeing and fulfillment, we leave out.
I’m talking about sex and sensuality.

Sex is the part of life that has the most myth, misinformation and misunderstanding.
The sex education we get has nothing to do with pleasure. It’s fear-based, and focuses on how not to get pregnant, and how not to get HIV/Aids and other STI’s.

Men learn about sex from porn, where every woman goes to bed with high heels on, nipples are like the dials on a radio and every woman has multiple orgasms from sheer pounding penetration.

Women watch soapies, the chick flicks which shows a trail of clothes leading to the bed, everybody had simultaneous orgasms, hair and makeup are perfect and nobody has bad breath.

We go out and have experiences with varying degrees of pleasure. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be Sexual Gods and Goddesses, but we have to ask, with what knowledge?
We put a great deal of pressure on our partners to be Sexual Gods and Goddesses, but we have to ask, with what knowledge?
We have the expectation of someone fulfilling our every fantasy, but we have to ask, with what knowledge?
We expect our partners to know our bodies, know where all the pleasure spots are, how to find them, what to do with them, how to touch us, and again we have to ask, with what knowledge?

Then we go into a relationship with so many expectations of how sex should be, and more often than not we’re disappointed. So we either go looking for fulfillment elsewhere, at great cost, or we shut our sexuality down. Neither of these are satisfactory.
And more relationships end directly or indirectly because of sexual problems.
And even more than that, those are the problems we’ll least admit to and seek help for.

None of it has to be like this. We can do it differently.

We have to ask then what a Sex Coach can do for us, beyond answering the above questions about sexual knowledge?

There are many aspects to being a good lover, and the extension of that is having good relationships, of whatever type we choose.

There’s knowing about each other’s bodies, pleasure anatomy, sexual anatomy, where the hottest spots are, and how to keep discovering more.
There’s learning about sexual communication and emotional communication.
There’s learning sexual skills, which are pretty limitless.
There’s learning about sensuality and intimacy.
There’s learning about sexual energy and health.
There’s learning about the connection between sexuality and every other aspect of our lives.
There’s learning about fantasies.
There’s learning about different sexual possibilities, and relationship possibilities, the way we look at them and how we can expand our perspectives.
There’s learning about the flavour of the moment, 50 Shades and other fetishes.
There’s learning how to keep the spark alive, how to keep exploring and discovering ourselves and each other.
There’s learning about Conscious Sexuality and it’s endless possibilities.

This is why a Sex Coach.