Women’s Day, Women’s Pleasure




Next week is Women’s Day in South Africa and I’d like to share some pieces with you about women’s sexuality and pleasure, from my perspective.


Most of my work is with women, and for those who don’t know me, I’m a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner. I’m based in South Africa, and I work with women, and men and couples, around the world. For so many men in South Africa sexual healing and growth is still a place of stigma and disconnect.


Most people come to this journey looking for healing, which means many different things. We’re looking for connection with our bodies, connection with our pleasure, we’re looking for intimacy and connection. We’re looking to experience our sexual energy, we’re looking for the connection between sex and spirit. We’re looking for deeper experiences, fulfillment and love. Love in many ways.

There is a time when the journey changes, when it becomes more about growth, more about possibility.

There is a time when the journey becomes more about exploration, more about experience.

There is a time when the journey becomes more about choosing how we’d like to live, how we’d like to experience life, how we’d like to experience ourselves.

There is a time when the journey becomes more about exploring inner worlds, and seeing this reflected in life.


There is a deep feminine in the world, a deep feminine soul.

In our connection with this we find ourselves.

This is what so much of the healing work is. Coming to ourselves.

Coming to connect with our bodies in a way that we see, feel and experience the delicious sensuality and pleasure we are.

Coming to connect with our hearts in away that we expand our understanding of love, and live from there.

Coming to connect with the power of being a woman, the power of creation, the power of openness, the power of vulnerability.

Coming to connect with the mystery of Yoni that draws us, deeply, deeply, as a portal to not only indescribable pleasure, as a portal to life.

Coming to sensation and emotion as pathways of inner knowing.

Coming to choices on how to live, how to love, as an expression of the feminine power of life, of generation.


The path I’ve chosen to work with begins with sexuality. The journey goes down many different pathways, it begins with sex, sensuality, pleasure.

It begins with questions such as, asked a lot at the moment, is this all there is, why can’t I have more pleasure, where is my sensual freedom, what do I actually want…

It begins with the desire to have relationships and experiences in a way that we choose.

It begins with the awareness that there is so much inside of me, and such a desire to know it, experience it, share it.

Be it.

It begins with searching, seeking, questioning.

It’s not always an easy journey, this sexual path. It takes us into the depths of ourselves, body, heart, mind and soul.

And we soon see that when it’s time for us to do our work, it’s time.

Whether it’s easy or not has no meaning. We do it because it calls us, this awakening. This awakening to beauty.

To the beauty of our tears, the beauty of our longing, the beauty of our anger. And the beauty of our pleasure, our joy.

The beauty of being.


And, oh, our eroticism, our sexual energy, our vitality, our fire.

The wisdom of this body.

The endless exploration of this body in so many ways.

This body that is our home in this life.

This body filled with sacred pleasure.

This body, to be in the fullness of our senses, to taste, to touch, to feel, to smell, to hear, to see, to talk, to feel, to give, to receive, to open, to be opened, to pleasure, to be pleasured, worshipped.


Our healing and growth are connected, women and men.

As more women awaken to consciousness they ask, where are the conscious men, where are the awakened men, where are the men who know the feminine, where are the men to love in devotion to the feminine?

I hear these questions more and more.


One of the principles I work with is the transformational power of pleasure, the path of possibility.

It’s not about ignoring the pain, it’s not about suppressing the problems.

It’s a different perspective.

It’s about allowing ourselves to heal, to grow, to learn, to expand with greater pleasure.

It’s about allowing ourselves to reveal ourselves in a way that’s not stuck in the past, in the story. It’s about the patterns beneath the story.

If the past is in our bodies, if everything we’ve done, everything that’s been done to us, is in our bodies, in our cells, in our energy, so too is the possibility of living with different patterns, different awareness.

For so long the healing model has been one of pain. We heal because of the pain.

A model of pleasure simply gives us a different way of looking at ourselves, at life, at the world.

And from a different view we can do differently.


I’d love to share with you.


Every day this week I’m going to post a piece on my Facebook page about an aspect of female sexuality and pleasure.


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