Yoni Healing Massage Pt 2




Thank you for your comments, likes and shares of the piece I wrote on Yoni Healing Massage.


There were a lot of questions on what the practice is, how to do it.


First, the healing framework, in a shortened explanation.


Everything we do is a pattern.

Our patterns are in the mind and in the body.

Most of our patterns are subconscious.

Most of the patterns in the body are based on pain, stress, contraction and trauma.


A good way to understand the patterns in the body is to start with the concept of muscle memory.

Watch a baby learning to eat.

You give the baby a spoon, the spoon goes all over.

The baby gets the spoon in the food, the food goes all over.

Eventually the food goes in the baby’s mouth.

We can eat, and have an intense conversation while we eat and hardly look at what our hands are doing because we know the pattern so well.


When something happens to us that’s painful, physically, emotionally, sexually, in any way.

When something happens to us that’s stressful or traumatic.

When something happens to us that’s connected to a contractive emotion, guilt, shame, embarrassment, pressure etc.

When we do something we’re not ready for, something we don’t fully want to do, that we’re conflicted about.

When we’re touched in a way that’s not loving, Honouring, gentle or tender.

We tighten up, we contract.

Physically, energetically, emotionally.

We tighten up.

The communication between the body and the brain locks the event, the incident, the feeling in place.

It happens again, or dieting similar, we tighten up more.

And a pattern of contraction, of pain is set.


Everything in our world is energy.

Energy has frequency.

Every colour has a frequency, every sound, every organ in the body has a frequency.

Every emotion has a frequency.

Everything we’ve done, everything that’s been done to us, is a frequency.

Energy needs to flow, like a river. If it’s not flowing behind where it gets blocked the water gets dirty and nasty and full of gunk.


Our patterns are blocked energy that manifest as tension, pain, tightness, contraction, guilt, shame, shut down and more.

In the body these become the places we hold pain, where we are blocked.

To release these blockages, and the pain that goes with them, takes time.

Because the body has held onto them for so long, and because it’s used to the way things are, it holds on to them.

It’s connected to the part of us connected to the perception of safety.

Safety is simply what we know, just because we know it.

It has nothing to do with happiness or fulfillment.

We just do what we know because we know it, until we become aware of it, which is generally brought about by a situation being so painful that we choose to heal.


Healing in this way happens slowly.

We create a pattern of release, a pattern of safety.

And slowly, gently, the body will release will let go, will open, will expand.


I begin with guiding her through 3 breaths, each one deeper and slower.

One hand in her heart, the other on her yoni.


Slowing down.


Then 5 points on the pubic bone.

I do these from the center, outwards.

Each one is held gently for a full breath.

I repeat this 3-5 times.

Then 7 points in the groin crease, from the bottom, upwards, the last point is on the pubic bone.

Each one is held gently for a full breath.

I repeat this 3-5 times.

I’ll often teach my client these points for her to do at home on her own, every day for a week or so.

Then with some oil, I use plain coconut oil, massaging really gently, really slowly in her groin crease, between the top of her thighs and outer lips.

I would mostly do that with my thumbs.

Stroking up and down, making circles.

I would do this for a few minutes, really slowly, really gently.

Then turning my hands sideways, stroking up and down her lips, gently.

Again with my thumbs, stroking, maybe pushing them gently towards each other.

And ending with a hand on her yoni, a hand on her heart.


That will be the first session of yoni healing massage.

Which will be after a few sessions of other bodywork, massaging the sacrum and spine, the solar plexus, the energy channel between the heart and Yoni.

It will take the time it takes to get to that point, different for everyone.

And if we go too quickly, we tighten up more, lock the pattern deeper into the body.


This is heart work.

Slowly, gently.


Creates open, creates release.

Creates possibility.