Yoni Healing Massage Pt 3



The Invitation


Within our bodies is the most incredible wisdom.

It’s so incredible, it’s Divine.

This body, within us, has all we need to heal, to learn, to grow, to release.

This body is sacred space, our temple.

Going deep into healing, into connecting, into intimacy is a journey to knowing that, seeing that, feeling that, living that.

It’s a subtle journey, and so often the subtle is the doorway to the divine.

It’s there waiting for us, waiting to share with us, talk with us.


Yoni Healing takes us deep into that space, giving and receiving.

It allows us to be in sacred intimacy with this beautiful, beautiful portal.

In the giving is the possibility of an act of worship, to approach a holy place. To look upon this sanctuary with reverence. To breathe the aroma of divine nectar. To touch with tender awe.

In the receiving is the release.

First the release of hurt, of pain, of misuse, of disconnect, of guilt, of shame.

These have been visited on women, so many women, for so long.

And even in one lifetime, this lifetime, this body, this yoni.

So many elements of our being reflected in yoni, so many limitations, so many inhibitions.

After the healing, after the release, after the letting go, the opening, the expansion, the intimacy, the knowing.

And the pleasure.

Sexual pleasure yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

Deeper than you thought could be.

And more, the pleasure of life, of living, of sensuality, of the body, of the earth.

The simple, infinite pleasure of being.

The pleasure of presence.

The pleasure of love.


The invitation, which is the practice.

Create space, warm, comfortable, a sanctuary.

Bring in the elements you desire, light, music, aroma, objects.

Bring in blankets, pillows, towels, oil.

Sit opposite each other.

Look into each other’s eyes, breathe.

Maybe place a hand on the heart center of your partner, feel the energy, the love, move from one heart to the other, through your hand, let it flow.

Lay your partner down, make her comfortable.

Sit between her legs.

Rest a hand on her heart, a hand on her yoni, breathe.

Anoint her yoni with oil.


The invitation, which is the practice, is touch so slowly, so slowly, so so so slowly.

And to touch so gently, so gently, so so so gently.

This touch calls to the body.

It invites the body, the yoni, to meet it, to reach out to it.

It awakens the healing wisdom with the yoni, within her tissues, within her cells.

It calls to that which is within, that which is there, and invites it to come to the surface.

The slow, slower than you ever touched.

The gentle, gentler than you’ve ever touched, is the subtle calling of the power within.

It allows it to awaken from being hidden, it allows it to breathe, to stretch, as if from a deep sleep, deep in the ocean and begin to surface.

The more subtle the touch, the clearer it will be heard.


There are moments on this journey, when you experience them, there’s a knowing. Sometimes it’s deeply emotional, sometimes it literally takes your breath away for a moment, sometimes it’s as if time stops. These are moments of incredible intimacy, they connect us to a wisdom, an energy of knowing.

This was one of those moments for me.

When we touch, and so much of my work and my teaching is around and with touch, and I miss it enormously, especially after this.

When we touch we’re doing something to the body. Yes, it’s a connection, an intimacy, a communication. And the practice of Kashmiri Massage takes that so much deeper.

In a touch that is so subtle, so slow, so gentle, a touch that is absolute reverence, as if you’re touching Life Herself, you invite that which is within, the wisdom that’s there, to meet you, to meet your hand, your finger, and more of your body. It awakens to do what it knows from within.

It meets you, at that point, with knowing what it needs to heal itself, release itself, relax itself, open itself. It knows how to do that, of course it does, it’s within all of us.

And in the subtle, the slow, the gentle, we call to it.

We simply hold the space for it.

The inner vision of this was shown so clearly, the presence, how that opens both of us, as it flows through us. It’s within us. We’re reaching out for it to meet us.

There’s a celebration in this, a joy, that becomes bliss, a quiet bliss in this amazingly slow dance of infinite possibility.