Yoni Holding For Healing


I’ve been working in the field of sexual healing for almost 20 years, most of the people I work with are women.

For so many women the tissues of the yoni hold tension, emotional blockages, patterns and hurt.

This manifests in so many ways from not being able to have orgasms, to painful sex, to having a low sexual energy, to disconnect from their sexuality, their bodies, their genitals and more.

Elements of guilt, shame and embarrassment sit there. Being touched in a way that wasn’t honoring and loving sits there. Having sex when you didn’t want to sits there. Not having sex when you wanted to sits there. Being abused, sexually, emotionally, sits there. Being sexually judged sits there. Not being able to express the fullness, the beauty, the power of your sexuality sits there.

Not owning your body, your pleasure, sits there.

As do so many other aspects of your sexuality, your sensuality, your femininity and more.


Our sexuality is not in a vacuum, it’s connected to every aspect of our being.

It’s connected to our hearts, to our vitality, to our creativity, to our inner peace, to our power, to our connection with ourselves, to nature, to the world.


Sexual healing needs to be in the context of all that we are. It’s heart healing, life healing.

I love that so many people I work with say that the journey has everything to do with sex and nothing to do with sex. It’s simply about the fullness of who we are.


I work with a process of embodiment, that our biology is our biography. Everything that’s happened to us, everything we’ve done, everything we do is in our bodies. This tells our story. This is a manifestation of our patterns, and this is where we change so much. The mind is engaged, the heart is engaged, and so is the body. This is where we release and move the energy to expand into something different, a new expression of ourselves. When we release something in the body, we can give the mind something different. We can allow energy to move, to flow.


Yoni Holding is a practice I’ve been working with for a while now and it’s helping the women I’m sharing it with in some really deep ways.


It’s a simple, as so many things of great power are, practice. On the surface anyway.

It requires presence of the practitioner, a concentration of touch, of energy. This creates intimacy and connection. This allows so much to be released, to be let go of. It’s not a cause and effect practice, it allows the body to release what it needs, in the way that it needs by accessing the innate, deep and incredible wisdom within us.


When I do it, it becomes a meditation, a trance. It takes me to a space of deep consciousness where I am unaware of much of what’s around me. I feel what’s happening under the point I’m holding, I’m aware of the energy, and that’s all. At some point, which could be 15 minutes, it could be 40 minutes, something changes, whatever needs to happen has happened, released,let go, shifted.

What’s released with this practice sometimes is about sex, sexuality and pleasure. And sometimes not, it’s releasing blockages that are not connected directly to sex.

We store so much in different places in the body, the model that says that just because it’s in our genitals it’s sexual is limited. In the same way we need to understand that so many aspects of our sexuality are in other parts of the body. Our hearts, which often hold deep hurt are so strongly linked to our sexual centre, and to our pleasure.


Yoni Holding often becomes a journey the body, starting at one internal point and spreading outwards in many ways.

The actual practice is this.

I begin with a heart-yoni connection. Holding those points, breathing.

The next step is some really gentle, really slow, really gentle, really slow, external yoni stroking.

Then very gently, very slowly, stroking at the opening of her yoni. There’s an opening, a relaxing of the tissue that draws me in. There’s no force, there’s no pressure.

Inside her yoni your fingertip will find a point, a place where there’s tension, where something is sitting trapped. It’s an intuitive process.

Then you hold that point.


Hold that point.

You’ll feel so much happening under your finger.

Pulsation, opening, layers that spread…


Don’t move.

Be there.

You’re simply helping the body release.

Be there, don’t interfere. There’s magic happening here.

It’s not always easy, the release. It’s not always peaceful.

Be there, don’t interfere.


It will take the time it takes.

Be there.

Slowly, slowly, withdraw.


This is a deep and beautiful experience.

Handle it with care.

It opens worlds of possibilities.