Yoni Kiss



I offer you my mouth

That you may experience your pleasure

I offer you my lips, my tongue, my teeth

That you may experience your Yoni

In sensation, in feeling, in energy, in delight, in celebration

I offer you my mouth

That you may experience the nectar of this secret flower of passion

I offer you my mouth

To honour this ocean flesh, this pearl

I offer you my mouth to bring all of these hidden folds of delicate skin to bloom

I offer you my mouth

That you may experience your fire, your gentle, your subtle, your endless pleasure.


From the time before I started having sex this drew me, fascinated me. It was what I wanted to do more than anything else. And over time I’ve seen how this can be a sacred experience, worship, deep pleasure, and a way for us to experience so much pleasure, in giving as well as receiving. In fact there’s a place we get to where there is no difference between these tow, and where there is no separation between my mouth and your Yoni.

It’s a subtle place this, it arises from awareness and surrender, from doing and allowing, softening into the connection, the sensation, the feeling, the intimacy, the moment.

There is also so much to experience and explore, to discover.

Pleasure opens pleasure, sensation opens sensation, intimacy opens intimacy.

Create a space for your beloved, for this ritual of pleasure. Bring whatever elements are important to you, flowers, candles, incense, objects of sensuality, of meaning, music. Creating this space you create an altar for your beloved.

You may even begin with a bath.

The Ritual of the Bath is a delicious experience, touching every aspect of mind, body, heart.

Look into each other’s eyes.


Lay your hands on their heart centre, as they connect with yours, breathe.


Offer your words, in any way you like, even use mine if you like.

Your words are part of this. They take us out of the pattern of sex.

And in this gift is the knowing that this is for her. Totally, utterly,completely.

This happens in the way she would like the experience, in the position she would like.

It may be an orgasm, it may be three, it may simply be the pleasure.

There is nothing that she has to do for you, to you.

This is so important. There is such conditioning within women to reciprocate, to give pleasure. Sometimes this is allowing you to use her body.

When you give this gift, in its fullness, you create safety for her, she is honored.


Touch your lips to the space in the middle of her forehead.

Touch your lips to her mouth.

Touch your lips to her heart.

Touch your lips to her belly.

Touch your lips to her feet.


Lay her back in whatever position is comfortable for her, and for you.

Use cushions, bolsters, whatever you need.

Rest your lips on her Yoni.


Stay there, don’t move.

This is slow, in the beginning.

There is a fire here that takes time to kindle, to grow, to burn.

This resting allows her Yoni to meet your mouth.

Kiss all the way down her Yoni, from the top to the bottom. Rest in each place. Breathe.

This slowness, this not doing what you’re used to takes you out of the pattern. It brings you into presence with her Yoni.

Lick up one lip, slowly.

Then the other side.



The pause of the breath opens the sensation, it relaxes her Yoni. There’s no rush, there’s no pressure, there’s allowing.

We’re mostly in such a rush either to get  her to orgasm, or to get inside, that we forget about the subtlety, the pleasure, the incredible journey of sensation and being.

Bring your whole body, your whole being into your mouth, into her fragrance, into your tongue, your lips.


This isn’t about the technique, the movements, although we’ll talk about those.

It’s about the connection, and the flow.

Your mouth knows, such wisdom in your lips, your tongue.

And such possibility in this Yoni Kiss.