Yoni Massage As Worship




Contemplate the elements of worship.


Prepare yourself.

Find the quiet place within, the stillness.

This begins to prepare you for ritual, to separate from the noise of the world.

Contemplate your heart, your body, your breath.

Your intention.


Prepare your space.

This deepens the ritual.

It’s warm, it’s comfortable, it’s welcoming.

It has the elements which are important to you both.

The space is that of the senses, light, music, fragrance, sensual in every way.


Greet your lover as an expression of The Goddess.

Greet her with reverence, with humility.

Approach her as you would the Divine in a place of prayer.

Kneel before her.

Be open to serve her, to serve her body, serve her heart, serve her soul.

Greet her heart with your hand, with words of love.

Greet her eyes with yours, open so she may look into you.

Lay her down and kneel between her legs, before her Yoni.

Greet her Yoni with your eyes.

See the unique expression of the Goddess in every fold of her flesh flower, in every curve, in every detail.

Drink her in with your eyes.

Tell her of the beauty of her Yoni, of how she draws you, of how honored you are to caress her, to pleasure her, to open her.

Share your gratitude for the gift of her body she shares with you.

Touch her from your heart.

Touch her with gentle reverence.

Touch her sacred body, her sacred Yoni with love.

Build her fire slowly.

And wait, wait for her to invite you to enter her.

Wait until she draws you within, wait until she beckons you into the mystery.


Yesterday was Women’s Day in South Africa.

Last week each day I shared a piece on female sexuality, healing and pleasure. They’re all on my page if you’d like to read them.

This week I’m teaching An Introduction to Yoni Massage in my Thursday Night Webinar.

One of the interesting things about Yoni Massage is that it has many different expressions. There is not just one Yoni Massage. The experience of healing, of release, of Quiet Yoni is different to the pleasure experiences. And even the pleasure experiences are different. Some gentle and slow and deep, some more of the fire.

Yoni Massage as Worship has elements of these different expressions, and more.

The space within us when we do this, when we share this gift, determines what it is.

When we think about an experience, a ritual of worship, and the elements of that, and we bring those elements to the experience, it becomes sacred.

We are there in service.

And in service we are guided by our hearts, by the Goddess, by our willingness to give, to receive.

We connect in a different way. There is no goal, there is an intention, an allowing.

We follow the energy, the sensation in her body. In the intimacy of connection there is deep intuition. Yoni Massage is massage of her entire body. It connects to her heart.

It connects us to our heart. In this we go beyond giving and receiving to a flow. Energy, sensation, pleasure, flow from us to her, from her to us in deepening, expanding spirals of possibility.


For so many people learning, and doing, Yoni Massage is about the technique.

That’s important, yes it is.

The anatomy and physiology are important, yes they are.

And what’s within us, the intention, which aspect of ourselves we express are so important. When we understand this we go beyond this simply being another massage, a physical experience, an orgasm experience.

It becomes worship.

For so many women the experience in that space is deeply healing, honoring, liberating.

It’s an experience of love, for us both.


There’s a deeper aspect of Yoni Massage, for worship is a symbol of us expressing the Divine within us, reaching to Divine Life, becoming one. We’re touching the Yoni of life, we’re touching the portal of creation, of generation, in worship.

And if I can connect to the Divine Yoni in this way, what does that allow me to be.

The way we touch is an expression of how we touch life, of how we live.


Thursday Night’s Webinar is about anatomy and techniques as well as the intention. Booking is essential for the webinar, please email me, jonti@eroslife.co.za, for the details. I’ve also created an e-book, I’ve called it The Yoni Experience, of some of my pieces on female sexuality, Yoni Massage, healing and pleasure that you’ll get with the webinar.


Thank you for this platform of sharing.

I wish you so much pleasure!