Yoni So Slowly


There is an expression of Yoni Massage that us slow, so slow at times that there are no movements, no moving, simply holding. 

It begins with a Heart Connection and a Heart Breath. 

Everything slows down. 

The body slow down through the breath. 

In time, the mind slows down. 

The touch comes from a place inside that is quiet, gentle, soft and slow. 

It’s almost a meditation of touch. 

In the slowness, in the softness there is relaxation, release. 

First of the body, the whole body. 

In this relaxation there is the beginning of receiving. 

The slowness of the movement allows everything to be felt. 

And with a touch that comes from the heart, comes through the heart the body may begin to release. 

Tension, hurt, the past, beliefs, inhibitions, limitations, fears, shutdowns, suppressions, withdrawals… 

These sit in the body, deep within the body. 

In time, with patience, with slowness, there is release. 

It’s connected to the heart, it’s connected to the mind. We need to work with all of who we are. 

And in time, we see as well, how many other aspects of our lives, how many other patterns, are expressed in our sexuality. 

Our bodies are reflection of all that we are, all we’ve done, all that’s been done to us. 

We release it slowly. 

So much of the past sits deep within us, so tightly. Only in softness will it release. 

Only in slowness will it let go, will we let it go. 

Only in the peace of safety will we allow ourselves to heal.