Yoni/Lingam Holding Healing



Before the movement there is holding.

Before the stroke there is stillness.

Before the caress there is quiet.


One of the most beautiful and powerful ‘strokes’ of massage is not moving at all.

It’s holding.

In stillness.

In presence, deep presence.

Holding with your heart.


Simply resting your hands on the body.

With gentleness.

With love.

With presence.

With the intention of simply being with you.


Holding brings you into your body.

I often use it as an earth massage.

It defines your body.

It works towards the center, bringing you to your core.

It’s where the connection begins.


There is healing in being held.

No movement, no expectation, no anticipation.

There is the stillness of being.

And in time, the mind will still as the body quietens.


Create a space, a sacred space, a sensual space.

Warm, welcoming, comforting.

Choose the elements carefully, with harmony.

Breathe, a few deep breaths to become present.

Breathe into your heart.

Look into your partner’s eyes.

Together, bring your hands up to your heart centre’s in the middle of your chest.


Bring your hands forward to touch.

Acknowledge each other with whatever words are appropriate, maybe different for a lover and a client.


Lay them down on their back.



Cushions for support wherever they need.

Sit beside them, or between their legs.

Be in a comfortable position so you don’t have to move during this holding.

Place one hand on their Heart Centre, gently.

Place your other hand on their yoni or lingam, gently.

Close your eyes.

Go inside of yourself, to your heart, to your stillness.

Breathe that into your hands.

Let your hands melt into the contours, the curves of their body.

Stay present.

When your mind wanders come back to your breath.

Hold them.

Melt into them.

Emotions will come and go.

Sensation will come and go.

Arousal may come and go.

Tears may come and go.

Laughter may come and go.

Trembling may come and go.

Hold them.

Stay present.



When it’s time, your body will tell you when it’s time, when it’s time, slowly, so slowly, take your hands off their body.

Cover them.

Sit beside them.

Stay present.

Stay on your heart.

Stay in love.


Holding is a deep mediation of intimacy.

In this quiet we release, we feel.

In this warmth we become.

A gift in the giving, a gift in the receiving.

Breathe your gratitude for the sharing.

Breathe the possibility.