Breast and Heart Massage


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Breast and Heart Massage is the space where healing, relaxation, acknowledgement, sensuality, arousal, love and nurturing meet.

It’s often an experience of deep emotion, bringing so much to awareness.

For many women breasts are symbolic of nurturing and nourishing, and for many women that’s mostly been in giving.

There’s deep patterning and conditioning around this.

You give, you nourish others, you nurture others.

You do so much to make others happy.

You do for others, often at the expense of yourself.

You’re touched in ways that are not always honoring and loving.

You have sex that is not always fulfilling, where your pleasure is not always important.

Your body, and elements of your body, your breasts, are objectified in so many ways.

There is pressure for your breasts to be a way, a size, a shape. Based on media-created ideas that are not about being natural.

There is pressure to show your breasts, and judgement when you do.

Your breasts can be too big, too small, many other things, and most of that has nothing to do with you, with your natural body, and how you choose to express yourself.

Industries exist around making your breasts something else for someone else.

Breast and Heart Massage turns your awareness inwards.

To nurture yourself, to nourish yourself.

To love yourself.

To do more in life that expresses you in the way you would like.

To have a greater voice.

When I started doing this as part of healing journeys, which was a long time ago, I didn’t know all of this.

Over time, over many experiences, doing, talking, learning, discovering, exploring, I’ve learned.

And keep on learning.

Over the last few weeks women have shared how in their bodies they feel after a Breast Massage, grounded in themselves.

A few weeks back I shared something about full-body massage, how what so many people call full-body massage isn’t.

And so many women replied that they feel something missing, deeply missing, when their breasts are not included in the massage. And how strangely the therapists, men and women, have reacted when asked to touch their breasts.

Not in a sexual way, and this is a big thing to understand. Even full-body strokes that touch your genitals, include them, acknowledge that this is a part of you, not a gap, not a space that’s not there.

You’re there, all of you.

It’s nurturing.

It acknowledges you as a woman in so many ways.

It’s spiritual, sensual, arousing, healing, relaxation, awakening, acknowledging, honoring and more.

It’s gentle, and it can light a fire.

Between your breasts is your heart centre.

This massage connects these energies, opens your heart to love yourself more, nurture you more.

More of this energy in your body allows you to start shifting perspective on what you do, how you do, who you do for.

You can learn to do this for yourself as a practice, an element of a practice.

The sensuality of breast massage is delicious, and an element of this is something so many women say.

To enjoy sensuality, to be able to feel arousal without it having to be anything else, go anywhere else, is such a welcoming and liberating experience. It allows her to savour the feelings, the sensations, the emotions.

The emotions that this experience brings up, and helps to release, are deep, sometimes painful.

The awareness that comes with this, what we’ve done, what we’ve accepted, what we’ve allowed, is big.

And from this knowing comes the beginning of change.

There are elements of sacredness, of worship in this massage, when you approach from the heart.

You’re expressing gratitude, you’re expressing reverence, you’re expressing yourself to every woman, whether you’re a man or woman, who has been in your life, who has given to you in any way.

When you can connect with a deeper awareness, this is for every woman.

There’s something many women talk about. During sex, during foreplay, their breasts are often touched in a way that’s part of someone’s routine, part of their pattern, on the way to something else. It’s something that someone heard, read or saw that says they have to touch your breasts. Breasts, not just nipples. The entire delicious, sensitive skin of your breasts. And also understanding that there are so many ways to touch and caress nipples. The attention, the focus, the care for your whole breasts, is deeply fulfilling.


Going deeper into sexual energy, there are links between your breasts and ovaries, breasts and clitoris. It’s also possible to experience orgasm through breast massage and stimulation.

And going even deeper into energy, when you’ve had breast surgery, even mastectomy, the energy of your breasts is still there and flowing. Breast and Heart Massage can be an important aspect of healing.

Breast and Heart Massage is the space where healing, relaxation, acknowledgement, sensuality, arousal, love and nurturing and more meet.

Please join me this Thursday, 24th Sept, 8 pm CAT, GMT+2, for The Breast and Heart Massage Webinar.

It will be recorded and available afterwards.

The webinar will include:


The Heart Touch

Heart Salutation

Breast and Heart Massage

Self Massage


The webinar is R250/US$25

Here’s the link to book:

And something extra, when you book for the webinar, my audio book, Let’s Talk About Sex.





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