Expanded Orgasm Workshop

‘ve always said that this was ‘an important workshop’, and I was thinking earlier about what that really means.

What makes it important is that it expands, haha, the perception we have on pleasure.

Permission for Pleasure

There’s something I talk about a lot, it comes up a lot in the healing journeys I share with people, on talks and workshops, and it comes up a lot in interviews.
In essence it’s that we get no, or very little education for pleasure. The extension of this is education for relationships and for love.
There’s something I hear a lot, especially from young people whose relationships are floating along, sometimes happily, sometimes peacefully, sometimes unaware of the fact that just below the surface of the water deep and dangerous currents lurk, rocks and all sorts of obstacles are there. What they say, and not so young people as well, ‘I thought love was enough’.

Learn About…

At a talk I gave last week on Conscious Sexuality someone asked a great question about sex in a relationship, how do you make it more conscious, what do you do?

Earlier this week a man sent an email to me saying that his wife doesn’t have much confidence in his sexual skills and is bored in bed.

Over the years, almost 20 years, in the field of Conscious Sexuality I have had so many similar questions from people, from all orientations.

My Eroticism Went With Her

She left.
And my eroticism went with her.
It loved her.
It loved the expression, all the ways it could express itself, the gentle, the tender, the fire and the beast.
It loved the passion.
It loved the freedom, that there was no place it could not go, nothing it could not talk about or share, it was welcome, all of it. And it revelled in that.

Early Ejaculation and Receiving

I’ve been working with quite a few men recently who are dealing with the issue of early ejaculation.
As part of the healing journey something really interesting has emerged with every one of them.

Just Because it has the Word Yoni, Doesn’t Make it Tantric

Just because it has the word Yoni, does not make it Tantric, Neo-Tantric, Sacred or Conscious.
Just because it has the word Lingam, does not make it Tantric, Neo-Tantric, Sacred or Conscious.

The questions to ask are about the intention of the massage, where inside of me does it come from?
Does it come from my heart?

Conversations With My Sexual Body

For the past 10 months my eroticism has been solo and inwards.
For someone who teaches in sexuality this creates many fascinating possibilities.
One of these has been the conversations I’ve had with my cock, the different expressions of myself, my sexuality, my heart and my desire expressed through him.