Coffee, Panettone and Expanded Orgasm

Coffee this afternoon is special, with one of my favorite things, Panettone, so deliciously sensual.
I am so glad we only get them for a short time in South Africa, at this time of the year.
Tonight’s workshop is also special, one of my favorites to teach. I enjoy everything I teach, Expanded Orgasm is always special as it was one of the first workshops I taught

Coffee of Loving and Longing

Coffee this afternoon is fascinating.
I’m sipping it slowly, savoring the taste, the aroma. I’m looking at the sky, the garden, the clouds. I love watching clouds. I’m listening to the birds, distant traffic.
I’ve written and deleted a few lines so many times.
It’s a delicate coffee, delicate of body, delicate of mind.

Giving Myself Away Over Coffee

Coffee this afternoon is back home in Johannesburg.
There’s a rain shower, gentle rain, and I can see the sun shining in some parts of the sky, in the distance.
The sound of the raindrops falling on the different surfaces, the grass, the trees, the roof, the railings of the balcony, come together, separate.
My cup is nearly empty as I write this, something that’s been inside for a long time.

This Sensual Moment of Oneness

On Saturday I was at The Oranjezicht Market in Cape Town.
There was a moment.
A moment of such deep sensuality that my heart swelled to having no edges that I could feel.
I was standing in one of the good areas.
Bob Dylan was coming over the sound system.
There was a carpet of voices.
There was the aroma of coffee.
There was the aroma of so many foods.
There were the colours of all the produce.
There were people, bodies.
There was the wind.
There was the sea.
I breathed it in and my heart expanded, expanded, expanded…
In a moment of sensuality. I was all those things, all those people, they were me.
Then the world came back, the boundaries of life settled back into place.

Coffee and an Offering

I’ve been thinking a lot, writing about love.
I’ve been deeper into love in myself.
And I’ve been thinking about making love.

There is often a question asked about the difference between having sex and making love.
During my yoga practice the other morning I was listening to my teacher’s voice about the Unlimited Posture.
So much about love came rushing in, particularly about the limitation we put on love.
Not only how little we allow ourselves to feel, which keeps us safe, because if you go too deep, well, everything is going to crack open.
But also the limitation on the context of love. Who we can share that with, how that needs to be.

Birthday Coffee and Love Unlimited

I’ve been aware of an expanding expression of love.
Seeds that were planted, some long ago, some more recently, coming into flower.
Deepening my Heart Breath practice, sitting more in my heart in healing, space, teaching space.

For so many of us love happens in a very specific context, in a very specific way. It happens between 2 people, and it happens with a whole lot of expectations, expressed or not, a whole lot of desires, hopes and wants, expressed or not.
Expressing love beyond this, other than to family, close friends, takes us into a deep story of patterning, conditioning, judgment and even fear.

Conscious Sensual Coffee

I’m sitting in the afternoon sun with coffee It’s been cold for a few days in Johannesburg, this is the first afternoon that it’s warm enough to sit outside.
Coffee is an important part of my life, the aroma, the taste, the changing taste through the cup.
It’s a sensual moment for me.
And it makes me think of how our sensuality can be an amazing pathway to being more conscious, more present.