A Conscious Mouth

This idea arose from a place of deep pleasure, from a place of intimacy with my body, from a place of conscious connection and awareness with my body.
For so many of us the relationship we have with our bodies is, at best, functional.
I say at best as we’ve been conditioned not only out of our bodies and more into the mind, but also out of liking, accepting and loving our bodies.

An Embrace

There is one thing we all need at the moment.
All of us, wherever we are on the rainbow of life, in every way there can be.

One of the effects of the pandemic, and its own pandemic, is the disconnect, the isolation, the separation we’re experiencing.
The impact of this, on our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our energy, goes deep. It contracts us, contracts every aspect of our health and well-being, on every level of being human.

More than ever we need to be embraced.

Being A Good Lover Is…

There is a really interesting aspect of being a good lover that we don’t always connect with sex.

Almost everyone who shares a healing and growth with me at some point says that they’re amazed at how it has everything to do with sex and nothing to do with sex.
This is the same.

Sex doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It doesn’t take place in a separate space from the rest of our lives, and it definitely is connected to the rest of a relationship.
So much that sex is about isn’t in the bedroom.

Sexual Healing, Heart Healing

There is something that I have intrinsically known that has come to conscious awareness.
So many of our sexual issues are heart issues.
We heal them in the heart.
Yes they’re in our bodies, in our genitals.
Yes we need to do the healing, the release there.

The Curiosity of Love and Pleasure

There’s something I teach which is so important when it comes to pleasure, to sexuality, to sensuality, to growth.
It’s also such an important element in relationships.
There’s a progression, a journey that starts with curiosity.
Curiosity becomes interest.
Interest becomes fascination.
Fascination becomes wonder.
Wonder is the space of awe, of reverence.
This is the place of mystery, of spirit.
This is where we experience the knowing, the magic.


I’ve been teaching a new workshop called Exceptional Sex. It’s more about the ideas and principles that can expand your pleasure experiences than actual techniques, although I have included some practices in the workshop. One of the most important of these ideas is Curiosity.