Sexual Healing, The Paths of Possibility

I sat in my studio this morning with a client, listening to her sexual story, her desire to have the experiences she knew were there, to feel the things she knew were possible.

I was thinking about my journey, working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for 20 yrs.

It’s a full-body massage that works with the body’s meridian system, bringing healing to the entire being every time you experience it.
It’s slow, taking you into a state of deep relaxation, and gentle, allowing the relaxation to be enhanced, and making release possible.

Taoist Sexual Rhythm

One of the deepest practices that I offer and teach is Taoist Sexual Energy Massage.

It’s a full-body massage that works with the body’s meridian system, bringing healing to the entire being every time you experience it.
It’s slow, taking you into a state of deep relaxation, and gentle, allowing the relaxation to be enhanced, and making release possible.

Words on My Lover’s Body

If you wrote a poem on your lover’s body, what would it say?
Even your imaginary lover, the lover that you would like to have, the lover you dream about.
Where on their body would you write it?

The Shifting Sands of Perception

Last week in my practice there were some amazing realizations that came through shifting perspectives and asking different questions.
Asking different questions allows us to see things differently. When we can see things differently we can do things differently.
And one of the most powerful understandings from this is the power of questions, to be more engaged, more curious, more open.

Taking It Deep Into The Body

‘I just lay there and cried. In 47 years I had never been touched so gently. For 47 years my body, and my Yoni, a new word for me, as there were so many new things on this journey, had never been touched so gently.

Disneyland and The Holy Grail

So many of us are looking for the Disneyland of sex, love and pleasure. We think that’s where it is, the ultimate.

It’s like a roller-coaster or ghost-train. It’s a thrill. A quick thrill. There are some laughs. Your stomach hits your throat. There’s an adrenaline rush. Blood rushing through your body. There are some screams. You’re holding on really tight, muscles clenched.

Tell Me Something Different!

Most of my work is in the field of Conscious Sexuality and Relationships, which means that that’s what most people come and see me for, and that’s where most journeys start.
However, as our sexuality doesn’t happen in a vacuum, rather in the fullness of the context of our lives, as do our relationships, healing and growth journeys need to be in the same context.

Heart-Centered Healing

There’s a model of healing I keep coming back to. It’s challenging because it challenges the way we look at healing.

It’s not about fixing the problem.
And that’s the problem.

We’ve been convinced we have to fix the problem, whatever it is.
How about if we didn’t?
How about if there was another way?

The Choice For Pleasure

It’s about biting into this strange offering of our nature and relishing it, savoring it, letting it run down our chins and over our bodies.

You Think You Have Time

We think we have time.
We don’t.
The people in our lives are there, and then they’re not. Some will be for a lifetime, some will be for a day. For so many reasons.

Sexual Healing

There is a way of making love that is deeply healing. It has a breath, a deep, gentle breath. It’s in the element of presence. It’s in the intention of intimacy, of love.

The Power of Play

Exploring a different story of our sexuality I come to an understanding of the power of playfulness…

Men Going Deeper

Last week in my practice I had two incredibly deep experiences. Both of these are connected to a different story of our sexuality…

Men’s Story

As I look at a different story for our sexuality I turn to an experience I had recently and what it brought to mind…

Makers of Love

During some deep discuss with me lover we’ve spoken about not knowing what certain words mean to us anymore. A good example of this is ‘spirituality’…

A Different Story

Opening is expansion, Softness is welcoming, Gentleness is tender…

A World of Healers

Imagine if we lived in a world of healers. The healers who say that I am in the world and the world is within me…

The Pleasure Connection

Over time I’ve worked with so many people, men and women, who have disconnected themselves…


Have you really thought about what YOU expect from sex?

Making More Love

The sexual paradigm that so much of the Western world lives with is essentially a Porn – based model…

Heart Work

The deeper I go into sexuality, the deeper I go into the heart…


‘Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain’. C G Jung

A Heart Life

I don’t want to do shallow, I don’t want to do mediocre…

Better Sex, Heart Sex

A while ago someone who comes to a lot of my workshops said something that struck a chord within me…

The Heart of Release

For so long we thought that our reaction to stress had two expressions, fight or flight, or something along that spectrum…

Be A Human of Emotions

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about positive, about being positive, about negative and positive emotions…

Coming Home

I stood in the sun and felt it enter me, felt its warmth…

Conscious Quiet

Come and let us sit in the quiet, in the conscious quiet…

Massage and Touch

On the Sensual Massage retreat last weekend someone asked a fascinating question, ‘What’s the difference between massage and touch?’

Stay Connected

I love you, and I’m angry, or hurt, or frustrated or whatever, and I want to stay connected and work this out…

The Unspoken Conversation

I went to a Constellation workshop last week. I understand the work to be about family patterns that we carry…